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Error detection | based on verbs | English grammar


Error detection based on Verbs rules with examples

25+ Errors Based on Verb in English Grammar | Adda247 Banking Classes | Lec-16


Zero to Hero English Playlist: 🤍 Welcome to Adda247 - SUBSCRIBE India's Best Government & Competitive Exams Preparation Channel. Prepare for Banking Exams (SBI Clerk, SBI PO, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, RRB PO, RRB Clerk, RBI Office Attendant, RBI Grade B, RBI Assistant, LIC Assistant & AAO, FCI, SEBI, JAIIB), Railway Exams (RRB NTPC, RRB Group D), and SSC Exams (SSC CHSL, SSC CGL, CPO, MTS, SSC GD) with Best Exam Preparation Videos. Next To Watch:- How to Start Bank Exams Preparation: 🤍 Bank Exams Maths: 🤍 Bank Exams Reasoning: 🤍 Bank Exams English: 🤍 Bank Exams English Full Preparation Video Courses (Free):- 120 Rules of English Grammar: 🤍 The Hindu Editorial Analysis: 🤍 Recommended Study Material for Preparation:- Buy Bank Maha Pack: 🤍 Latest Books Pack For Banking & Insurance Exam: 🤍 Bank Exam Online Test Series Prime Test Pack: 🤍 Download our Adda247 App: 🤍 Subscribe to Adda247: 🤍 In this Video, We shall discuss English Basic Concepts Along With Questions and Answers in the English Language (English) Section in bank exams with a complete English Strategy for bank exam preparation. In our Foundation Batch, we cover how to prepare for bank exams for beginners and banking exams complete syllabus, and help you improve your preparation from scratch with our bank exam preparation videos. This Adda247 Foundation Batch is helpful for All banking and Insurance exam preparation i.e SBI Clerk, SBI PO, RBI Assistant, LIC Assistant, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, NRA CET, and RRB PO & Clerk. Topics We Covered in Zero to Hero (Foundation English Classes):- Noun - 🤍 Pronoun - 🤍 Subject Verb Agreement - 🤍 Errors Based On Verb - 🤍 Time and Tense - 🤍 Error Detection - 🤍 Adjective - 🤍 Adverb - 🤍 Conjunctions - 🤍 Fillers - 🤍 Cloze Test - 🤍 Preposition - 🤍 Spotting Errors - 🤍 Idioms and Phrases - 🤍 Word Swap - 🤍 Rearrangement - 🤍 Match the Columns - 🤍 Starters and Connectors - 🤍 Adda247 New Live Classes Schedule: 07 AM - Daily Current Affairs 08 AM - The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary (Zero to Hero English Teacher) 09 AM - Maths 10 AM - Reasoning 11 AM - English (Zero to Hero English Teacher) 12 PM - General Awareness 07 PM - Daily English Mock Test 08 PM - Daily Reasoning Mock Test 09 PM - Daily Maths Mock Test Follow us On Social Media: Visit Our Bankersadda Website: 🤍 Facebook Page: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 #EnglishAdda247 #ZerotoHeroAdda247 #FoundationBatch #Adda247 #BankingExamPreparation #SBIPO #SBIClerk #IBPSPO #IBPSClerk #RBIAssistant #LICAssistant #NRACETExamPreparation #SSCExamPreparation #RailwayExamPreparation

Spotting Error Based on Verb | SSC CGL 2021 | Class - 2 | Spotting Errors | English With Rani Mam


👉 Telegram Channel: 🤍 👉 Facebook Page: 🤍 👉Unacademy New Batches By Rani Ma'am Use Referral Code: RANI10 and Get 10% OFF 👉 Apex Batch for English Grammar ( Pre+ Mains) Foundation Course Starts From 13th Dec Link: 🤍 👉 SamudraManthan Course on Vocabulary Starts From 13th Dec Link: 🤍 👉 Practice Course on Important Topic in English for Mains Starts From 14th Dec Link: 🤍 - 👉Scorebooster Mock Test Series Playlist 🤍 👉 One Topic - One Series Complete Playlist 🤍 👉SSC CHSL 2021 Complete Marathon Playlist 🤍 👉SSC CHSL 2021 Complete Rapid Revision Playlist 🤍 👉SSC CGL 2020 Free Batch Complete Playlist 🤍 👉 Enquiry Numbers: 9958358324, 7627039884, 9540809387 #ssccgl2021 #freebatch

Common Errors (VERB Based) | Error Detection | English Grammar in Hindi By Rani Mam For SSC, BANK


Spotting Errors (Based on Verb) in English Grammar | Error Detection | English By Rani Mam | Part-6 English With Rani Mam for SSC CGL/CHSL/Bank PO-Clerk/UPSC/IBPS & Other Exams [Hindi]| Unique Classes ►Like My Facebook Page: 🤍 ►Website: 🤍 Subscribe My Channel: 🤍 🤍 ►Unique Classes - Guarantee Of Success. ►Our Address- 207, 2nd Floor, Satija House (A-23, 24), Near Post Office, Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi 110009. ►Contact No. 9818399361, 8586939830, 9540809387 ► Thank You for Watching Our Videos. ► Like & share Our Videos With Your friends and social media. #spotting_errors #ssc_cgl_english #english_with_rani_mam

Common Errors on Verbs - All Varieties || Verb + To Infinitive | Verb + Gerund || YET Grammar


This video explains the five varieties of Verbs- Verbs that take to infinitive after them; Verbs that take gerund after them; Verbs that take both infinitive or Gerund after them with no difference in meaning; Verbs that take both infinitive and Gerund after them with difference in their meaning; Verbs that take Bare Infinitive after them ➤If you want to learn more with me, join me in my daily Newspaper reading class for Grammar + Comprehension and Vocabulary here: 🤍 ➤If you are a beginner and want to learn English grammar from beginning, check out this playlist: 🤍 ➤Connect with me on Telegram: (or) Search the group "# Official YET" on telegram! My description "YET: Your English Tutor" attempts to help competitive exam aspirants as well as people from all walks of life to step up their verbal as well as written English skills. Channel is focused on breaking the "myth" that English is a very difficult language to learn and people with non English background can not write, speak and understand the language at par with native speakers. This video consists the Hindu editorial analysis today in Hindi, which published in the Hindu Newspaper today. Aman Behl is a working professional and former Tutor of Mathematics & English. Being a student from a "Non-English" background himself, with the help of the channel, Aman wants to connect to the larger community of Competitive Exam Aspirants and guide them through with the experience, he has accrued in the field over the years. Content covered- present participle and past participle,present participle and past participle as adjective,present participle,present participle in english,present participle in english grammar,Past participle,past participle english grammar,present participle vs past participle As I Figure - Latinesque by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. 🤍 Source: 🤍 Artist: 🤍

Common English Mistakes Made With Prepositions & Verbs | English Grammar Lesson | Error Detection


Common English Mistakes Made With Prepositions & Verbs | English Grammar Lesson | Error Detection & Solving #prepositions #verbs #englishgrammarlesson English verbs are a bit confusing, as they change their form depending on the tense of the sentence. In this English grammar lesson with Michelle, be aware of some common mistakes in English made while using prepositions and verbs. These are common errors made in Spoken English by beginners and even the advanced English speakers. For complete lesson transcript visit us at – 🤍 = Our Social media – 👉Facebook - 🤍 🤍 👉Instagram – 🤍letstalkpodcast 🤍 👉Twitter – 🤍letstalkone 🤍 = 👉Learn English UnPlugged - Watch the latest English lesson series from Auckland, New Zealand 🤍 👉English lessons by Niharika – 🤍 👉Watch all English lessons by KAT – 🤍 👉English Lessons by Jack – 🤍 👉English lessons by Michelle – 🤍 👉English lessons by Ceema – 🤍 👉English lessons by Rachna – 🤍 Topic wise English lessons – 👉English Vocabulary – 🤍 👉English Idioms – 🤍 👉Learn English Grammar – 🤍 👉English Conversation Topics – 🤍 👉Spoken English Tips & Tricks- 🤍 👉IELTS Training & Coaching – 🤍 👉Personality Development & Enhancement – 🤍 👉Business English Lessons – 🤍 👉Job Interview Skills – 🤍 Our Other Channels - 👉Skillopedia - Skills for the real world 🤍 👉Daily Video Vocabulary - Learn a new English Word daily🤍 👉Learn English through Hindi - Learnex 🤍

How to identify errors in Verbs | Entry Test Preparation | Job Tests | The Easy Ed | Lesson 4


#verbs #correction #theeasyed Verbs can be tricky. This video contains all the possible errors that come in entry tests and job tests.

10 Common Mistakes with Verbs & Prepositions in English


Want to learn prepositions easily? Join me in this English grammar and vocabulary lesson to correct 10 common mistakes with verbs and prepositions. We’ll look at verbs such as tell, arrive, listen, discuss, call, answer, wait, go, reach, and contact. You’ll learn when to add a preposition, when to take out a preposition, and when to change the preposition. You’ll also learn collocations and expressions with these verbs so you can speak and write more fluently and confidently. To improve your English easily and quickly, take my online course, Correct Your English Errors in 10 Minutes a Day: 🤍 Take the quiz at 🤍

Common mistakes with modal verbs in English | Learn English with Cambridge


In this video, Rebecca highlights some common mistakes English language learners can make with modal verbs such as can, may, must etc. and how you can avoid these errors. What do you need to improve in English? Let us know in the comments below. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest videos for learners of real-world English: 🤍

Error detection | based on Verbs | English grammar


Error detection based on Verbs

Error detection | verbs detection | English grammar


error detection in english grammar exercises

Verb Practice Set Exercise Top 100 Questions with Answers & Explanation English by Kapil Dev Sharma


#verbspracticeset #verbspracticeexercise #englishbykapildevsharma #verbs #verbpractisequestions #learnenglish #englishgrammar #verb Verb Practice Set Exercise with Top 100 Questions from Various Exams with Answers & Proper Explanation English by Kapil Dev Sharma Download the app: 🤍 Subscribe my Music Channel: 🤍 Join my Telegram Channel: 🤍 Follow me at Unacademy: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Watch previous videos for further reference: Refer to the Videos of Verbs (Complete Playlist):- 🤍 Refer to the Videos of Articles (Complete Playlist):- 🤍 Refer to the Videos of Adjectives (Complete Playlist):- 🤍 Refer to the Videos of Pronoun (Complete Playlist): 🤍 Refer to the Videos of Noun (Complete Playlist): 🤍 Idioms and Phrases (1-50) for Competitive Exams and Speaking: 🤍 One Words Substitutions (1-50) Vocabulary for exams and Lifestyle: 🤍 Watch More: Did you know the Reason Behind SILENT LETTERS IN ENGLISH? Must Watch 🤍 Top 10 Mispronounced Daily Usage Words in English: 🤍 Start from Basics of English (Alphabet - Letters - Words - Phrase - Clause - Sentence) 🤍 Introduction & History of English 🤍 Types of Sentences along with Sentence Problems in English Grammar 🤍 All Parts of Speech in English 🤍

8 Common Grammar Mistakes in English!


"What's the different"? "Today morning"? "I enjoyed"? Improve your grammar by correcting the common mistakes in these English sentences. A good review for all students, especially at intermediate and advanced levels. Also check our full resource of 100 Common Grammar Mistakes in English at 🤍 Quiz: 🤍 TRANSCRIPT Hi. I'm Rebecca from engVid. In this lesson, you'll have a chance to review eight common English errors. So, let's see how you do. The first one: "Today morning I woke up late." So, what's wrong with that? There is actually something wrong with each and every one of these. I'll tell you that in advance; there's no... There are no tricks here. Okay? So, what's wrong with that sentence? "Today morning I woke up late." Well, it should be: "This morning". Okay? We don't say: "Today morning". We say: "This morning". Number two: "What's the different?" What's the different? Well, that's wrong too, because "different" is an adjective. What you want to use here is the noun. So, what's the noun of this word? "Difference". "What's the difference?" Okay? This is a really common error, so make sure you don't make this one. Next one: "I met John two years before." Okay? What's wrong with that? Well, over here, we can't say: "I met John two years before." We can say: "I met two... I met John two years ago." All right? If you use the word "before", then you have to say before something. "Before I graduated". Okay? "Before I got married", or whatever. But you can't use "before" by itself. So the proper word there is "ago". "I met John two years ago." Next one: "This is a six-months course." That sounds almost okay, but it's not okay. So the mistake here is with the "s". When we use this expression, it becomes... The entire expression becomes an adjective for the noun "course". So we should say: "This is a six-month course.", "This is a million dollar contract." And so on. Okay? That's another... Each of these is a different element of grammar, different aspect of grammar, and so on. Next, number five: "Thank you. I really enjoyed." What's wrong with that? Well, the problem is here. "Enjoyed" is a reflexive verb, so you would need to say: "I really enjoyed myself.", "I really enjoyed myself.", "He enjoyed himself.", "She enjoyed herself.", "We enjoyed ourselves.", "They enjoyed themselves." Okay? So there are certain reflexive verbs in English, and we need to use them correctly. That's one of them. Very common one. Okay, number six: "Did you loose your cellphone?" What's wrong with that? I helped you a little bit by actually showing you where the error is. So, many people make this error. This is actually a spelling mistake. You should be spelling the word this way. "Did you lose your cellphone?" "Loose" is an adjective which means not tight, and "lose" is the opposite of "find". Okay? "Did you lose your cellphone?" Also, the pronunciation is "lose" and not "loose". Next one: "This is an academic course.", "This is an academic course." So, what was wrong with what I said there? Okay? So, what was wrong was my pronunciation of that. So many people mispronounce this word. It is not "academic". It is "academic". The stress is on the middle. Academic. "This is an academic course.", "This is an academic program." Okay? So, if... In case you make that mistake. I'm not saying you do. In case you do, make sure you correct it. Last one: "Yes, I have a free time." Is that...? What's wrong there? What's going on? Okay, here. We don't need to say: "A free time". We need to say: "Free time", because this is a... Time is an uncountable noun. Now, each one of these examples represents a different aspect of grammar. So, how can you possibly learn all of them? Well, I'll give you two easy ways to help you out. One is to go to our website: 🤍, because there, we have currently I think more than 700 lessons on different aspects of English grammar and of English in general for exams, for writing, speaking, all kinds of things. And by watching them, you can find the lessons that you actually need. And the other thing is that we also have... I've written actually a resource which might help you, which shows 50 such common errors that people make in English, and that might help you out as well. Okay? So, I hope you did well, and I hope you continue to do better and better in English. All the best with your English. Bye for now.

Verb & Error Corrections || Class 1 || All Competitive Exams ||


Verb and Error Correction Class 1 ✍️Error correction class playlist 🤍 We have to learn Tense,Verb,Verb forms and Modals first. 👉These classes are very important to learn the basic of English Grammar. 👇 ✍️Tense fo Be, Have, Do Verb 🤍 ✍️Tense Playlist 🤍 ✍️Verb & Syntax playlist 🤍 ✍️Modal verbs playlist 🤍 _ #wbp #wbpconstable #wbcs #wbpsc #banglatoenglish #psc #sscmts #chsl #govtjob #ssc #slst #error #verb #errorcorrection Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.

(CLASS-7) Verbs- A Mirror of Common Errors by Ashok Kumar | SSC & Bank Exams | Tarun Grover


Complete Course Playlist - 🤍 A Mirror of Common Errors- 🤍 (CLASS-7) Verbs- A Mirror of Common Errors by Ashok Kumar | SSC & Bank Exams | Tarun Grover 📚 For Complete Bank Exams Preparation - Subscribe to Unacademy plus: (All Subjects - Unlimited Access) 👉 To get 10% Off on Unacademy's Subscription - Referral code - "T555" 🤍 🎯 Follow Tarun Grover sir on Unacademy Plus: 🤍 👉 Unlock Tarun sir's Special (Free) classes on Unacademy plus Unlock Code - "T555" 🖐️ Telegram: 🤍 🖐️ Instagram - 🤍 🖐️ Facebook - 🤍 #tarungrover #english

Common Error In English || Stative Verbs In English


Common Error In English || Stative Verbs In English #commonerrorinenglish #mindtouchtech #stativeverbsinenglish In this video i will aware you about the common errors which students make in English and in any compititive English exams. You will learn to use the ing in your sentence properly. So watch this video till end to learn about these errors. My Facebook Link:- 🤍 My Instagram Link:- 🤍 About Mind Touch Tech:- My name is Prince Saini and i have Created this Mind Touch Tech Youtube channel to Provide the Amazing Web designing and Web development knowledge.I provide BASIC TO ADVANCE Knowledge of HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT and ANGULAR.So if you are beginner then MIND TOUCH TECH is the Great youtube channel for you.JavaScript is the top scripting language in the field of web developement.but HTML CSS are the base,So if you are also at intermediate level in web designing then it is the Great channel for you to learn web designing and development.I put my 100% in my all the Videos. Last but not the least i want to say you that nothing is impossible in this world.if we really want to do something Great then it is an easy task for us.So friends Always be happy and enjoy coding..!! If you are new on my channel then you can Subscribe my channel and press the bell icon for the latest video Updates..!!

Errors In the Use Of Verbs ~ Grammar Class


Let's look at the examples of the Errors we make in the use of Verbs and correct it. For More Updates, Subscribe to; For Best Nursery Rhymes: 🤍 For Hit & Latest Music: 🤍 For Blockbuster Movies 🤍 For Movies & Music in Regional Languages: 🤍 For Heavenly & Peaceful Devotional Music: 🤍 For More Movies & Music Videos 🤍 Also You Can: 'LIKE' us on Facebook: 🤍 'FOLLOW' us on Twitter: 🤍 'CIRCLE' us on Google+: 🤍

12 Error of verbs. sentence correction.


12 Errors of verbs

Verbs | Rules | Error Spotting | English Grammar | CUET 2022


PDF : 🤍 Follow the channel for awesome videos on - English Grammar - Vocabulary - Reading Comprehension - Composition - Communication & language skills - Spoken English - Essay writing - Creative writing - And more For all competitive exams such as CUET, SSC Exams, Bank exams, Railway exams, UPSC, IAS, NDA, CAT & Other MBA entrance exams, IELTS, TOEFL, CA Foundation, BITSAT, Hotel Management entrance exams, and more as well as for CBSE Class 10th to 12th Subscribe now and never miss a video!

Fix common errors to speak English confidently| Modal verbs: He can 'do' or 'does'? (EZEE #3)


Download my free guide ‘6 Ways to Become a Confident English Speaker through Listening’ at: 🤍 By eliminating common mistakes, your confidence to speak English naturally improves. Join my complete online self-study course at 🤍. In this lesson, we'll look at a common error using modal verbs with pronouns 'he', 'she', and 'it'. Check out my complete English course that takes you step by step to an Advanced (C1) fluency level. Choose the option that suits you best: 1. Online membership Set up your own study plan on the Anglo-Link platform and progress at your own pace. Membership plans start at $6.49 / month. Visit 🤍 to set up a free account and explore the course. 2. Intensive 13-week 'Bootcamp' If you need fast results, this option can get you to the Advanced C1 level in 13 weeks. Choose this if you can study for at least one hour a day, and you're happy to apply my 'Focused Listening' method and follow my recommendations closely. Visit 🤍 for more information. You can learn about my 'Focused Listening' method in my free guide ‘6 Ways to Become a Confident English Speaker through Listening’ at: 🤍 Quick Quiz: Choose the correct sentence: a) She must have been delayed. b) She musts have been delayed. c) She must has been delayed. If in doubt, watch this lesson to clear your doubts on how to use modal verbs with 'he', 'she', and 'it'. 00:00 Introduction 01:30 'third person singular' rule 02:16 'modal verb' rules 04:14 Summary 05:04 Exercises Watch related lessons: ALL MODAL VERBS: 🤍 EZEE SERIES: 🤍 Use this link to add captions in your own language: 🤍 Other students from your country may benefit from translated captions, so feel free to translate the captions into your native language. This is a good way to practise your English, and your name will appear in this description box as a contributor. Thanks a lot in advance for your contribution! Join me on Facebook: 🤍 A little about me: My name is Minoo. I’m originally from Iran, and I live and work in the U.K. I’m a qualified English teacher and teacher trainer, but that’s not what makes me good at my job. I just love teaching! It makes me feel good when I can share something I’ve learned with others. That’s why I still love teaching English after 40 years of doing it! English is such a vast and complicated language! My passion is to make it as easy as possible for others to learn. My students always praise my ‘clear explanations’ and 'structured method'. I suppose I can explain things well because I’m not a native speaker. I’ve struggled with English pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary myself. I’ve had to work out the rules and learn the exceptions, and I just love sharing my own discoveries with others like me who are learning English as a foreign language. Thank you so much, everyone, for all the ‘likes’ and your lovely and supportive comments! I'm so grateful for your support!

How to spot and fix errors in Verbs


#focuswithrekhasharma #howtospot&fixerrorsinverbs #spottingerrorsinenglish Hi everyone! This is Rekha Sharma. Today's video is based on spotting &fixing errors in VERBS. This is my second video in the series of spotting and fixing errors in different parts of speech. A verb is the backbone of a sentence. If the verb is wrong , the whole sentence is wrong. Spotting errors ,editing, omission are important questions in competitive exams and CBSE board exams. watch my complete series to learn how to spot &fix errors in different parts of speech.This video is very helpful and useful and gives information about how to find and fix errors on subject verb agreement.The basic rule says that a singular subject takes a singular verb and a plural subject takes a plural verb. But exceptions are there.The subject which ends in s like mathematics,singular in meaning takes a singular subject.The uncountable noun takes a singular verb.The subject agrees with the nearest noun in the paired conjunctions.Example:Neither Ram nor his friends want to miss the show.Both ,many, some and several refer to more than one person ,so they always require plural verbs.Some pronouns are neither singular nor plural,so we should use a verb depending on what they are referring to. If some,all,any, most refer to quantity of uncountable noun like money, we should use a singular verb.When they refer to the number of a countable noun like mice nibble something , we should use a plural verb.we can't say 'Ic can to do this work. The correct answer is I can move.Some times we leave out a modal or we don't write the correct form of the verb.Example I renew my card. (incorrect) . I must renew my card. The work is do.(incorrect) The work is done.We should not use had with a modal. we should use have. Example: She would have attended the party but she was busy.Follow the links provided to have clear concepts. #🤍 #🤍 #🤍 #🤍

Error Spotting - Subject Verb Concord | Class 10 English Grammar


👉 Previous Video: 🤍 👉 Next Video: 🤍 ✔️📚👉 Watch Full Free Course:- 🤍​ ✔️📚👉 Get Notes Here: 🤍 ✔️📚👉 Get All Subjects playlists:- ​🤍 ✔️📚👉 Student Feedback Form: 🤍 = ✅ In this video, ✔️ Class: 10th ✔️ Subject: English Grammar ✔️ Chapter: Subject Verb Concord ✔️ Topic Name: Error Spotting = 📢 🔥 Available (Kindergarten to 12th) all Video Subject wise Playlist 🤍 Why study from Magnet Brains? Magnet Brains is an online education platform that helps give You NCERT/CBSE curriculum based free full courses from Kindergarten to Class 12th so that you can perform well in any and all exams you give in your academic career. 👉 Contact us 🤑🤑 ➡️ Connect with us : magnetbrainsbhopal🤍 ➡️ Website : 🤍 ➡️ Subscribe to us on YouTube: 🤍 ➡️ Subscribe to Magnet Brains Hindi Medium : 🤍 ➡️ Facebook : 🤍 ➡️ Instagram : 🤍 ➡️ Telegram : 🤍

Error Detection And Correction | Spotting Errors | Rules/Concepts/English | Error Detection In Hindi


Hey! This video is too important for CUET Students as we are going to cover a topic on Error Detection and Correction. Watch this video to understand how to spot errors and how to correct them. Learn all rules and concepts regarding it. Dont forget to share with friends. Team Dear Sir

Modal Errors#Modal verbs# Grammar Errors# Bank English#English Video#Grammar Video‎@English care


Modal Errors# Grammar Errors# Bank English#English Video#Grammar Video🤍English care One of the main problems that students face is to use modal verbs correctly. In this video I have covered five typical mistakes that students make with modals.

4 Grammar Mistakes: MYSELF, YOURSELF and Other Reflexive Pronouns


🤍 In English, we call words like myself and yourself 'reflexive pronouns'. Learn how to master these important but confusing words with this grammar lesson. I'll show you how to avoid the four mistakes students make when using these special pronouns. You can test yourself with a free quiz here: 🤍

Correction of Verbs | Common Errors | CSS, PPSC, PMS, FPSC, NTS | PART-1


This video includes 8 important rules of correction of verbs. I do hope, this video will enhance your knowledge. #rashideducationforum #useofverbs #verbskaistimaal #exerciseofverbs #rulesofcorrection #correctionofverbs

Action Verbs versus State Verbs - Common Mistakes in English - IELTS Grammar


In this video, we're going to look at one of the trickiest areas in English Grammar: the difference between action verbs (also called as dynamic verbs) versus state verbs and most importantly why on earth should we care about this. In IELTS, many grammar errors are associated with incorrectly using state verbs. If you watch this IELTS grammar lesson, you will learn the below concepts: # How are action verbs (dynamic verbs) different from state verbs? # What are different types of state verbs? # What errors in grammar are associated with state verbs? # How some verbs can act as both dynamic and static in different contexts? Subscribe * 🤍 Want to get in touch? Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Thanks for watching. Happy learning! Love, Ankeet from e4e HUB



Students tend to make mistakes while using verbs. This video focuses on few rules of verbs which will help students know some Grammatical usage of verbs.

Fix Your Mistakes: 3 Common English Errors with Adjectives


Do you use English adjectives correctly? Adjectives are words like good, bad, sad, happy, cheap, and expensive. We use these words every minute that we are speaking! In this easy English lesson, I’ll show you how to correct three common mistakes involving adjectives. You will learn about order, or where to put the adjective. You will learn about agreement, or how to use the adjective. And you will learn about comparison, or when to change the adjective. One short grammar lesson can help you speak and write better English! Test your progress with the quiz: 🤍 To continue your progress, watch my lesson on Comparative & Superlative Adjectives: 🤍




Subject-verb agreement | Syntax | Khan Academy


Agreement is the art of making sure that sentence parts agree with one another; you want to make sure that your subjects and verbs match up. Practice this yourself on Khan Academy right now: 🤍 Watch the next lesson: 🤍 Missed the previous lesson? Watch here: 🤍 Syntax on Khan Academy: Syntax is the ordering of language; it’s the study of how sentences work. In this section, we’ll scratch the surface of syntax as it applies to English grammar. Much more can be said about this subject, but we’ll save that for KA Linguistics. About Khan Academy: Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. We tackle math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more. Our math missions guide learners from kindergarten to calculus using state-of-the-art, adaptive technology that identifies strengths and learning gaps. We've also partnered with institutions like NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences, and MIT to offer specialized content. For free. For everyone. Forever. #YouCanLearnAnything Subscribe to KhanAcademy: 🤍

English | Errors Based on Verbs | SBI Clerk 2021 | Yashi Pandey | Gradeup


SBI Clerk 2021 - Watch the live class on Errors Based on Verbs for SBI Clerk 2021 Preparation by Yashi Pandey. Practice questions on Errors Based on Verbs . These classes will help you to level up your preparation for SBI Clerk 2021 . In this session Gradeup Expert will discuss vishal sir english sbi clerk 2021, english sbi clerk 2021. #Errors_Based_on_Verbs_ #English #SBI_Clerk_2021_ 🔴Congratulations to all the students who have cleared SBI PO 2020. Fill this form to share your success story with us and win rewards Link: 🤍 🔴Bank & Insurance Mega Mocks , Attempt Bank & Insurance mega mocks to gauge where you rank among thousands of students Link: 🤍 _- For more such session and all the update regarding Banking exams, Like & Subscribe to our channel 👉🏻🤍 🔴Subscribe to Gradeup Green Card Get 50% OFF Use code DEAL50 " (Unlimited access to all Mock Tests): 🤍 🔴 Attempt 700+ Mock Test for Bank exams from the GREEN CARD: 🤍 _ 🔴Gradeup Banking Live Classes Schedule 🔴MORNING SHOWS (Mon-Sat) 👉🏻7:00 AM - The Hindu Editorial & Vocab Hour 👉🏻8:00 AM - Daily Current Affairs Analysis 🔴SBI Clerk (Mon-Fri) 👉🏻9:00 AM - Quant 👉🏻10:00 AM - English 👉🏻11:00 AM - Reasoning 🔴RBI Office Attendant 2021 👉🏻3:00​ PM- Reasoning 👉🏻4:00 PM - Quant 👉🏻5:00 PM - English 🔴SBI PO/ LIC AAO 👉🏻7:00 PM - Quant 👉🏻8:00 PM - Reasoning 👉🏻9:00 PM - English 🔴Late Night Math Special 👉🏻 10:00 PM - Quant 👉🏻 How will Gradeup courses help you grab a job in Banking & Insurance? ✅Interactive Live Classes with Interactive Quizzes (For complete conceptual clarity) ✅Weekly Assessments (To track your progress) ✅Mock Tests (To get you exam-ready) ✅Practice Questions (Covering all relevant problems for Bank Exams) ✅Course Language: Hindi & English (Bilingual) ✅Expert Faculty with decades of teaching experience will guide you to the success point Do subscribe and press the 🔔 bell icon to get notifications for all new videos: 🤍 👉🏻Download the Gradeup App through this link: 🤍 🔴Learn with Gradeup and get: ✔ Free Live Classes ✔ Expert Teachers ✔ Instant Doubt Resolution ✔ Mock Tests Follow Us on Follow us on Telegram: 🤍 Follow us on Facebook: 🤍 Visit Our Website: 🤍 Prep Smart. Score Better. Go Gradeup.

Errors in the use of verbs/ Learn grammar/Correct Form of verbs in English,Verb Form #learngrammar.


Errors and mistakes in the use of verbs, part (a) Agreement of the verb with its subject in number. #amlanguageinfozone #learnenglish correct the incorrect sentences, Learn English Grammar. Music: Sweet Musician: LiQWYD

#8 A Mirror of Common Errors by Ashok Kumar | Verbs | English Grammar for SSC Exams


#8 A Mirror of Common Errors by Ashok Kumar | Verbs | English Grammar for SSC Exams by Jatin Sir Attend this English Grammar Class by Jatin Madan Sir and learn more about Common Errors through this detailed Course! ~ A Mirror of Common Errors by Ashok Kumar - Complete Book Solution by Jatin Sir (Playlist) : 🤍 Join Testbook SSC Railways Telegram Channel to Download the PDF of this Session : 🤍 Fill out this form if you're interested in a Special Live Coaching Batch for SSC GD Constable Exam : 🤍 Fill out this form if you're interested in a Special Live Coaching Batch for SSC MTS Exam : 🤍 - Our Discount Offers: Once in a Lifetime Sale Buy Lifetime Testbook Pass 🤍₹499/- & access 22000+ Mock Tests across 370+ Exams! Link : 🤍 (Pay using MobiKwik to get 20% Cashback upto ₹100/-) Fill out this form & stand a chance to get exciting offers on Professional Skill Courses : 🤍 For Admission or Support Query, feel free to call us at 1800 833 0800 or email us at support🤍 Join our Telegram Channel (Testbook_Youtube) to know more about our Online Courses! Link : 🤍 Top Railway Select Live Courses : RRB Group D Live Coaching Batch 6 : 🤍 RRB NTPC CBT-2 Live Coaching Batch 3 : 🤍 Top SSC Select Live Courses : SSC Live Coaching For Freshers (1 year Course) Batch 4 : 🤍 SSC CGL Foundation Live Coaching Batch 3 : 🤍 SSC Live Coaching for Freshers in English (1 Year Course) : 🤍 Top Select Live Courses for State Exams : MP Patwari Live Coaching : 🤍 Top Select Live Courses for Police Exams : MP SI Live Coaching : 🤍 MP Police Constable Live Coaching (Batch 2) : 🤍 Free Tests by ~ RRB NTPC : 🤍 ~ RRB Group D : 🤍 ~ SSC CHSL : 🤍 ~ UP Police SI : 🤍 #CommonErrors #SSCEnglish - Moreover, visit Testbook Blog to find more such articles & boost your exam preparation. Stay tuned with Testbook’s YouTube channel and other socials (FB, Twitter, Instagram) to get instant updates on job notifications, current affairs, test series, free tests, recent exams and much more. Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Download Testbook App - 🤍 Download Current Affairs App - 🤍

Non-Finite Verbs | Error detection | Grammar | By Vibha Chawla


#NonFinites #ErrorDetection In this video, I have discussed some error detection questions on Non-Finites.This video is helpful for students who are preparing for competitive exams like #SSC #CPO, #SSC CGL, #SSC CHSL, #IBPS PO, #IBPS CLERK, #SBI PO, #SBI CLERK and any other state level exams. Link for verb Playlist : 🤍 Link for Noun playlist : 🤍 Link for Pronoun playlist : 🤍 Link for Adjective playlist : 🤍 Link for Adverb playlist : 🤍 For PDF, Join my telegram channel : 🤍

Error Correction-Verbs [সহজ বাংলায়] Error Detection Verbs | Errors Finding of Verbs | #banglishmath


Queries Solved:- 1. How to Find Error part in a sentence? 2. Error Correction Rules in Bengali 3. Correct English Grammar 4. English Grammar Error Detection 5. Rules of Error Correction in Bengali Other Videos:- 🎯 Error Correction- Noun:- 🤍 🎯 Error Correction-Pronoun:- 🤍 🎯 Error Correction- Adjective:- 🤍 🎯 Error Correction- Article:- 🤍 #errorcorrection #errorfindingstricks #rulesoferrorcorrection #errorsopttingtricks #englishgrammarclass10



My dear friends, A modal auxiliary verb gives information about the function of the main verb that it governs. COMMON ERRORS BASED ON MODAL VERBS | COMPETITIVE ENGLISH GRAMMAR | VIKASH SIR In this video I am explaining Common errors related to Modals use, Rules and Examples exercises. I will explain the use of all modals like can, could, may, might, shall should, will, would, Need, Dare, used to etc. After watching this video you can easily spot the error bases on Modal verbs. beThese are very Important for every competitive exam like Bank Po, SBI Po, ssc cgl, chsl, mts, CAT and ALL COMPETITION EXAMS... Modals: 🤍 Tenses: 🤍 Conditional Sentences: 🤍 Common Errors Lessons: 🤍 Thanks For Watching.. Hit Like & Subscribe Button Don't Forget to Subscribe ►Visit our Website: 🤍 ►Like Us on Facebook 🤍 ►Follow us on Google+ 🤍 ►Follow us on LinkedIn 🤍 Regards, Competitive English Team

Pronunciation: Fix 14 Common Mistakes with Business English Verbs


Want to sound more professional after just one lesson? Join me in correcting 14 common pronunciation mistakes with business verbs in English. Avoid the embarrassing error with “focus”. Learn how to pronounce "develop", "identify", "negotiate", "multiply", "answer", and "risk". Practice saying "have/has" and "say/says". Fix mistakes with "determine", "represent", "measure", and "purchase". Designed for speakers of all languages, this one lesson will definitely take your professional English to a higher level. 🤍 For more lessons on common English errors, take my course: 🤍

Sub - Verb Agreement 100 Practice Questions | For CET, SSC CGL, CPO, CHSL, CDS | SBI/IBPS PO/Clerk


Sub - Verb Agreement 100 Practice Questions | For CET, SSC CGL, CPO, CHSL, CDS | SBI/IBPS PO/Clerk 📚 For Complete Bank Exams Preparation - Subscribe to Unacademy plus: (All Subjects - Unlimited Access) 👉 To get 10% Off on Unacademy's Subscription - Referral code - "T555" 🤍 ✅ Important Playlist: ⏯️ Complete Course on English- 🤍 ⏯️ Imp. concepts of Grammar- 🤍 ⏯️ Cloze Test (Basic to High)- 🤍 ⏯️ Guidance- 🤍 🎯 Follow Tarun Grover sir on Unacademy Plus: 🤍 👉 Unlock Tarun sir's Special (Free) classes on Unacademy plus Unlock Code - "T555" 🖐️ Telegram: 🤍 🖐️ Instagram - 🤍 🖐️ Facebook - 🤍 #tarungrover #english

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